Pain Treatment

Physical Therapy Associates is proud to be the leading source of pain therapy in the Red Bluff area for those experiencing physical discomfort that just won’t go away. We understand the agony of suffering day in and day out with chronic or acute pain, and it’s not something that you should have to tolerate or live with. Anything from sports activity to daily working habits can bring on injuries that result from repetitive stress, traumas and other disorders and cause your life to become consumed with nothing but pain. It’s our job to help you manage and eventually phase out the misery you’re experiencing so you can get back to enjoying your regular routine.

Chronic Pain Therapy

We offer chronic pain therapy to address and treat the exact area that is giving you problems. After carefully and thoroughly checking out your condition to confirm a diagnosis, your therapist will guide you through the steps of a program that will effectively work to lead you into a pain-free lifestyle. In addition, you will learn how to properly take care of your body mechanics to prevent pain from reappearing.

Lower and Upper Extremity Pain

Our physical therapy services are wonderful for alleviating lower and upper extremity pain. Shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, legs and feet are all body parts that we would have a hard time functioning without on a daily basis, and unfortunately, it’s common for each of these areas to become plagued with pain at some point or another and keep you from living the healthy, satisfying life you deserve. The good news is that PTA can help. We will arrange and adjust a treatment plan based on your needs to provide relief and facilitate your body’s recovery back to normal working order.

About Us

Red Bluff Physical Therapy Associates exists to provide personal physical therapy and rehabilitation for patients in the greater Red Bluff area, including Tehema County, Cottonwood, Redding, and the North State. Contact us for a consultation.

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