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Physical Therapy Associates is the premier choice in Northern California for rehabilitation therapy that addresses neurological and vestibular diagnoses. There are many medical conditions that can affect the human nervous system and create balance dysfunction (vertigo, tinnitus, traumatic brain injuries, strokes, Parkinson’s, etc.), but our rehab services can help to make a significant improvement in the quality of your life by eliminating or reducing the unpleasant symptoms you’re experiencing from these disorders, diseases and injuries. We make it our goal to ease your pain while guiding you back into an active, productive and enjoyable lifestyle.

Neurological Rehab

Our specialized neurological rehab therapy is a great solution for those suffering from an impaired mobility due to damage of the nervous system. We will thoroughly evaluate your current condition and mobility problems to design a rehabilitative treatment plan that will assist in rebuilding your functionality. Your training and exercise program will be customized to fit your specific needs and capabilities.

Vestibular Rehab

Patients requiring vestibular rehab will benefit from therapy that concentrates on restoring balance that has been thrown off by inner ear complications and other situations that cause dizziness or imbalance issues. The recommendations for your specialized care will be based on a meticulous assessment of your vestibular system to determine the seriousness of your symptoms, after which we will devise a therapy program accordingly.


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Red Bluff Physical Therapy Associates exists to provide personal physical therapy and rehabilitation for patients in the greater Red Bluff area, including Tehema County, Cottonwood, Redding, and the North State. Contact us for a consultation.

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