Surgery Rehabilitation

If you are in need of exceptional pre and/or post-surgery rehabilitation therapy services in Northern California, look no further than Physical Therapy Associates. There are many surgical procedures that leave patients unable to carry on with their daily activities without the help of a physical therapy program. Regaining function and strength in various parts of your body after a surgery is vital to reaching your maximum recovery level. Your skilled and experienced therapist will work closely with your surgeon before and after your operation to make the rehab process easier and cut back on the amount of time it takes for you to mend and be as good as new.

Pre-Operative Rehab

During your pre-operative rehab visits, you’ll get the opportunity to meet and get to know your therapist, go over your proposed treatment plan and familiarize yourself with some of the exercises and equipment beforehand so you can feel comfortable and confident that you have a good idea of what to expect once you begin your surgery rehabilitation. You will begin to build up strength that will make post-operative recovery faster and easier. You will also be evaluated to discover just what your physical capabilities are.

Post-Operative Rehab

Seeing a therapist for post-operative rehab will not only reduce the time it takes for you to recuperate, but also decrease your chances of getting re-injured. As soon as your doctor feels that you are ready, you’ll begin your therapy program, which can include range of motion exercises, transfer training, strengthening exercises and gait training with assistive equipment.

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Red Bluff Physical Therapy Associates exists to provide personal physical therapy and rehabilitation for patients in the greater Red Bluff area, including Tehema County, Cottonwood, Redding, and the North State. Contact us for a consultation.

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